A Click in Time


Since the Bentley Drivers Club was founded over eighty years ago in 1936, it has always relied upon its magazine to record Club life and communicate with members.

The first Bulletin was circulated soon after the Club’s establishment and this developed into the Gazette, which was itself replaced by the first edition of the familiar Review as the Club re-established itself after World War II.

Fortunately the WOBMF holds a complete set of these publications (mainly originals, with a few photocopies and reprints of pre-war Bulletins and Gazettes). Leafing through them, the BDC world comes vividly to life: people, places, events, enjoyment, comments, humour with occasional overtones of sadness, glimpses of life as it was and of attitudes now changed forever.

We thought we’d mine this cornucopia for an occasional series of posts to transport you down the Bentley time tunnel…

Enjoy some of our reminisces.

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