The Issue of Drawings



1.0 All the intellectual property rights including the copyright to the technical  drawings produced by the original Bentley Motors Limited ( ‘the drawings’) are vested in the absolute ownership of the W.O. Bentley Memorial Foundation.

2.0 The Foundation owns the drawings and the intellectual property rights to them as part of its charitable endowment and the Trustees are willing to provide access to the drawings as part of its educational objectives subject to certain safeguards.

3.0 Access to the drawings and the provision of copies is controlled exclusively by the Trustees, being varied from time to time. In future and with immediate effect, access to the drawings will no longer be available through the Vintage Bentley Spares Scheme.

4.0 The drawings may be viewed for educational and research purposes at the Foundation’s facilities free of charge and access will be granted in a medium suitable for such research as is desired. In particular larger drawings can be viewed in full size printed format if required. Overseas enquiries for similar access will be under terms agreed individually for each case at the discretion of the Trustees or their appointed representative.

5.0 At the absolute discretion of the Trustees access to the drawings may be  provided for other than education or research  subject to conditions and restrictions imposed by the Trustees and on the strict understanding that no warranty is given as to the correctness of any detail or the completeness of the drawings. It is to be noted that in many cases the drawings carry insufficient data for use in manufacture of parts and no warranty is given as to the completeness of any drawing of any part. Drawings will be issued in printed paper format only and will be marked accordingly.

6.0 Any party contemplating manufacture from any drawing of any part or assembly does so entirely at their own risk and no liability whatsoever for the drawing’s use other than as an historical record is given by the Foundation. The previous arrangements with the BDCSS Ltd  (VBSS) are no longer applicable and all applications for drawings will be treated on an open non-exclusive basis.  

7.0 The costs for providing drawings in printed format for non-exclusive use externally to the Foundation’s premises are as follows:-

            A0 size drawing £ 40.00 per copy.

            A1 size drawing £ 35.00 per copy

            A2 size drawing £ 30.00 per copy

            A3 & A4 size      £ 20.00 per copy

The costs cover associated administration overheads and are subject to periodic review at the discretion of the Trustees.         

Prints will only be issued in accordance with their original size and no reduced size prints will be issued.

8.0 Third parties given access to the drawings will be subject to the restrictions and conditions imposed by the Trustees.

9.0 Applications in the first instance should be made to Alan Bodfish at HQ. His

e-mail contact is or on 01295 738886


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