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The Library is beginning to take shape now that the new floor covering is down and the desk, property of the late John Nutter, has been installed. There is quite a lot still to do positioning shelves and re-stacking them with the books and magazines that had been removed from them. All the items will be catalogued, numbered and entered onto a computer during the restacking process.

The Library benefits from donations of books, magazines and all forms of literature from Members and their families. Often we are asked to accept a collection from the estate of a past Member, either to care for it or as a gift. The contents are audited and recorded, and in the case of gifted duplications a request is made to the donor that we are permitted to sell the duplications to benefit the Foundation or the donor keeps the duplicates and sells them themselves.

Bentley Motors send us regular supplies of Brochures and Sales Literature, Authors send us copies of their books, and Newspaper cuttings of relevance are always of interest.

Help is always needed for this kind of work and it falls to the Archive Working Party members to do it. If you are able to help for a few hours a month please contact Will Morrison or Alan Bodfish at Wroxton.

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