Each display put on by the Museum Group tells a story, and each display is set for 9 months commencing to coincide with the annual Concours meeting held at the end of June by the Bentley Drivers Club. This meeting provides an opportunity for Members to gather and display their cars either as an offical entrant or just to be there and enjoy the day and meet like minded Chums, a REAL social occaision!
The story of one display terminates at the production of the first Bentley Motorcar and shows how W.O. became interested in building his first car and what influenced his approach to the engineering of it. He is recognised as an INTUITIVE engineer but this story shows that his intuition was guided by a solid engineering background.
In addtion to the Museum display there is a "Time Line" that extends around the walls of the Museum and covers important events during the history of W.O.Bentley and his engineering prowess. The artwork for the Time Line is by students from South Cheshire College.

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